Home is Here was Home

The place we call “home” is a tangible and sometimes intangible experience. I see it as an endlessly transformative idea and entity. A notion that one’s physical structure of home will stay in the same place forever may not be true, but home can exist in many other forms. This series of works represents my investigation of implications surrounding “home”. I use a variety of media from drawing to photography as a means to embody an expression of fragmented memory and a reassurance that each stage of transformation is meaningful and appropriate. A work on paper, Building and Rebuilding II, depicts a transition of ice cube house as it melts, which is broken into three stages and each one is shown in a different media. It starts with a gouache stain from the melted the ice cube house. The middle stage is a graphite drawing, and then leads to a photographic image of a standing house. As time passes, the home changes into something new and significant.